Fluent in:

Spanish and Galician:

These are my mother tongues. Both them have Latin roots. Castilian (Spanish) is the official language in Spain and Galician is co-official to Castilian in Galicia, NW-Spain. Recent research suggests that they have a similarity of about 80%.


  • 108/120 in the iBT/TOEFL Test (December 2008).

I use English daily in my studies/research at the TU Berlin. Read and speak it fluently.


  • C1 level (tested at the Max Weber House).
  • 2 in the DSH Test, which grants me access to technical studies in the German University.

I used German in my studies in Heidelberg. Read and speak it fluently.

Other Languages:

I don't have any certificate nor have taken any courses on the following languages, but its similarity with some of the tongues listed before allows me to have a general understanding of some texts and very slow conversations:

  • Portuguese: Portuguese and Galician were once the same language. I can understand a variety of texts and follow some conversations (mainly if they are held by Brazilian speakers).
  • Italian: Its proximity to Spanish allows me to understand some texts, follow some conversations and even speak very slowly and with a lot of help.
  • Catalan: Another language derived from Latin. I can understand very different texts in Catalan, but the pronunciation of this language (some closer to French) makes very difficult for me to follow any conversation.